Adriane Dedic

Artist Designed Coffee & Tea Mugs

Original Art by Adriane Dedic

Stylish Shoe Mugs, Friendship Mugs, Bicycle Mugs, Dragon Mugs, and Geisha Mugs

My original art is reproduced beautifully on dishwasher safe and microwave safe ceramic mugs.

Limited Quantities Available! Order as soon as possible.

Each mug is $12.  (3.75" tall)
Email to place an order or ask questions about the designs or call 510-794-3436
Shipping costs based on weight and zipcode

shoes mug
shoes mug
friendship mug
friendship mug back
StylishShoes Mug
(Shoes wrap around mug)
StylishShoes Mug front
(Shoes wrap around mug)
Best Friend Mug front
 Mug has quote on the back
Best Friend Mug back
(Friendship Mug has quotation)
Geisha Tea Mug Transparent Secrets

Geisha Mug Orange Peacock Kimono

Butterflies Kimono Geisha Mug

geisha mug cranes kimono

Transparent Secrets  Geisha Mug
(Flowers are on back of mug)
Orange Kimono Geisha Mug
(Peacock is on back of mug)
Butterflies Kimono Geisha Mug
(Butterflies are on back of mug)
Silver Egret Geisha Mug
(White Egret on back of mug)

Japanese Cranes Mug
Red Dragon Mug 
bicycle mug
My art is also available as:
- Original Art
- Geisha Tea Mugs & Geisha Coffee Mugs
Japanese Red Dragon\ Mug & Japanes Cranes Mug
- Stylish T-shirts - Geisha T-shirts and Japanese Dragon designs
- 6x9 Wall Plaque
- Geisha Coaster sets

- Note Cards & Holiday Cards
See more of my orginal art:
See my custom designed invitations at

Japanese Cranes Mug
(Cranes are also on back of mug)
Red Dragon Mug
(Dragon wraps around  mug)
Racing Bicyclists Mug
(Cyclists wrap around  mug)