Adriane Dedic

Geisha Art

Original Geisha Art by Adriane Dedic

Exhibited at Hakone Japanese Gardens May & June 2008
(film site in Saratoga, California for scenes in Memoirs of a Geisha)

My series of Geisha Art prints is influenced by the masterful Japanese woodcuts from the Ukiyo-e genre.
I combine elements of traditional Japanese wood cuts with contemporary etching, dry point engraving,
digital embellishment, and digital printmaking techniques.
Limited edition prints signed and numbered by the artist.
Email or call 510-794-3436 for purchase information.
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Orange Peacock
Geisha with umbrella Geisha Secrets
Dancing Butterflies
Pink Kimono
Orange Peacock Kimono
image 10"x17"

Silver Egret Kimono
Image 10"x17"

Geisha Secrets
Image 10"x13"

Dancing Butterflies
Image 10"x15"

Pink Kimono
Image 9"x17"

Painted Geisha
Coiffured Courtesan
Transparent Secrets Midnight Sun Kimono Geisha Quartet
Painted Geisha
image 11"x15"

Coiffured Courtesan
Image 10"x13"

Transparent Secrets
Image 11"x13"

Midnight Sun Kimono
Image 11"x17"

Geisha Quartet
Image 10"x11"